Our Mission:

There are many definitions of the term teaching artist, and there are even more opinions about the work that a teaching artist does: What is a teaching artist? and What kind of work goes into teaching artistry? So much of the work that cultural and community arts organizations offer would not have the reach and impact they have without the existence of teaching artists--that is a given. Teaching artists are responsible for dispensing the arts, and nurturing a love of and for the arts, to populations that would otherwise be left behind. These basic questions and ideas have, in turn, caused me to ask, What is a teaching artist’s role in arts education right now, and how can it evolve in the future? Does the term indicate that teaching artists are teachers first and artists second, or vice versa? How can teaching artistry be legitimized even more as a profession without becoming homogenized? Ultimately, I want to learn what I don’t know, and this podcast is all about discussing the inherent issues, joys and myriad questions surrounding this profession. Teaching Artistry pulls back the veil to explore the world of exceptional work that extraordinary teaching artists and arts leaders do. This series is my way of being an advocate for arts education as well as the people who are passionate about bringing the arts to different communities. I feel quite lucky to know the people I do and am excited for you to meet them through these conversations.


Our mission is to highlight the impact that teaching artistry has had, and must continue to have, both in the arts community and in all communities. In this podcast series, I will chat with teaching artists and arts educators, for whom I have the utmost respect, and who are working diligently and thoughtfully to move the profession forward and to exact change within the profession, the world and beyond, and are fiercely devoted advocates for the arts. Together these leaders in the teaching artist world and I will discuss the intrinsic joys and challenges in this work and how acknowledging triumphs and recognizing and celebrating failures is a key component to success—especially in the arts.