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#KeepMakingArt and We Can't Go Back

August 2020 saw the launch of “We Can’t Go Back," a video series created in partnership with Creative Generation. This series was and is designed to raise consciousness in anti-racist and liberatory practices, interrogate racist systems founded in oppression and highlight radical healing as a means of community engagement.

We Can't Go Back

This video interview series focuses on the journeys of artists, educators, and community activists as they raise their consciousness in anti-racist, liberatory, and intersectional feminist practices through the arts. With the recent nation-wide uprisings in response to the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and other countless victims at the hands of police, the partnership formed their belief that conversations on the topic of race must not only continue but amplify the notion that our communities cannot return to “normal” but rather revise our vision of the future. The time is overdue to examine, interrogate, and confront racist policies and systems founded in oppression and White Supremacy to reconstruct the infrastructure of culture and drive radical change.












































The series explored the work of creatives all around the world as they responded to the global COVID-19 pandemic and will be released on our YoutTube channel. This partnership, and resulting series, is a component of the #KeepMakingArt campaign, facilitated by Creative Generation. The goal of the campaign was to inspire and support youth, educators and artists, parents, and organizations to keep making art despite the tremendous circumstances the pandemic brought to light. The campaign toolkit can be found here





























Creative Generation works to inspire, connect, and amplify the work of individuals and organizations committed to cultivating the creative capacities of the next generation. Learn more here


































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